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    Matthew Mako

    Matthew Mako, a California native from the bustling Bay Area, channels his lifelong passion for the restaurant industry into his current role at Anomaly, an up-and-coming fine dining establishment in San Francisco. As a partner, Matthew utilizes his deep knowledge and enthusiasm for hospitality to inspire his team to strive for culinary excellence. His contributions are vital in shaping Anomaly's unique identity, aiming to create a distinctive and memorable dining experience for every guest.

    His ambition to continually grow professionally extends past the boundaries of the restaurant scene. Matthew has delved into various fields, including tailoring, winemaking, and working with the luxury home brand RH. Such experiences have widened his horizons and augmented his comprehension of the finer details contributing to an extraordinary dining experience.

    Matthew's competence covers a broad spectrum of the restaurant business. Mainly, his refined aesthetic sense and comprehension of ambiance play a crucial role in his proficiency in restaurant design. By merging space, lighting, and decor elements, he skillfully crafts welcoming and unforgettable dining spaces.

    Apart from his professional pursuits, Matthew strives to lead a balanced lifestyle. He indulges in fitness activities for mental peace and recovery. His long-held passion for golf, taught by his father from a young age, offers him a tranquil retreat and friendly rivalry. Traveling further enriches his life, allowing him to discover diverse cultures and cuisines that fuel inspiration for his restaurant ventures.

    Matthew's philanthropic attitude is evident in his actions. Although not associated with official charity organizations, he takes the initiative to prepare meals for the underprivileged and donates clothing. His genuine intent to positively impact others' lives, driven by empathy and compassion, shines a light on his humble and selfless character.

    Matthew Mako's devotion to the hospitality industry, relentless pursuit of excellence, and commitment to professional development position him as a formidable influence in San Francisco's culinary landscape. As he keeps making valuable contributions to Anomaly and the broader restaurant industry, Matthew remains dedicated to creating exceptional dining experiences that profoundly impact guests. Equipped with restaurant design expertise, an unwavering dedication to excellence, and a hunger for culinary arts, Mako is well-positioned to sculpt the future of the hospitality industry.